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Full-service Custom Gift Design

Passionate & Personalized Gifting

About Us

Our Approach

Passion + Quality

We want you to love the gifting experience as much as we do. Enjoy 1:1 attention from our small team and a rotating seasonal product selection that ensures you receive only the best.

Unique + Creative

We understand the importance of designing gifts that capture your desired sentiment. We take the time to understand our clients' needs to create a gift that feels unique.

Thoughtful + Warm

We aim to create thoughtfulness and warmth at every interaction and help you do the same through the gifts you give, showing your recipients you truly know and care about them.

A Tale of Three Sisters

The Norn Story

Norn Gift & Garden is a full-service gift shop based in Hingham, MA, founded by sisters Cori Sharp, Kitty Garry, and Kyle Wollock. Our sister business is Norn Design Studio, which provides holiday and event decorating services.

Over the years, many of our clients requested customized gifting services. We recognized a growing need and combined our knowledge and talents in interior design, floristry, events, and marketing to fulfill this gap. Soon, we were busy enough to launch a separate gifting business.

Growing up in a big Italian family in Beverly, MA, Cori, Kitty, and Kyle have long shared a love for all things design. Custom gifting allows us to leverage our creativity and design skills in new ways. Now, we help people discover the art and joy of gifting. Our collection includes fresh, locally sourced products like flowers and artisanal food to offer premium, ever-changing options.

We strive for authentic, long-term relationships with clients and love finding creative ways to help them in various aspects of their lives, home, and work.

Named Inspiration

We draw our name from the Norns of Greek mythology, three sister deities said to represent the past, the present, and the future. As three sisters ourselves, the idea of lasting, timeless style is central to our approach to design. Individually, each of us has our own personal aesthetic ranging from modern to eclectic. 

Together, we marry our individual design styles to create an aesthetic unique to each client and their vision. Our designs contain a beautiful dichotomy of high and low, new and vintage, custom-made and well-loved.

Who We Are

Meet the Founders


A top sales executive at Winston Flowers for 25 years, Cori is passionate about quality, service, and all types of design. She channels her love of old houses into her design plans, incorporating character and charm with an eclectic mix of patterns, fabric, and wallpaper.


Kitty has spent 20 years in marketing and luxury events and co-owns and operates Old Planters Brewing with her husband. At Norn, she likes combining the old with the new to create layered spaces that are both unique and custom.


Kyle formerly worked as a menswear buyer for Neiman Marcus. While building her own house, she fell in love with the design process and decided to pursue her passion by starting Kyle Wollock Interiors in 2018. Her aesthetic is contemporary with a touch of vintage to create textural, functional, and comfortable spaces.

Ready to create an unforgettable gifting experience?